Analytical Services

Analytical Instruments & Services

The Best Analytical team with latest and high-end, the state of art analytical instruments.
  • The AVANCE Neo 300 MHz NMR installed at July 2019 which enable us to perform all Proton [H1], C13 and F as well. We offer quantitative NMR as well for purity estimation.
  • The multi-scanning Agilent LCMS is also the key instrument for quick mass determination.
  • We have also added recently “Thermo-Fischer LC – Mass as well with Nitrogen generator.
  • We have two Teledyne EZ Prap Systems along with Shimadzu LC-80 that gives us support to perform more & more purification in no time. We can support and perform 8 – 10 purification every day very efficiently.
  • We also have an Agilent 1200 series HPLC with a PDA detector for quick quantitate analysis of organic compounds
  • The Perkin Elmer GC with coupled with Headspace which can help us to perform normal GC analysis along with Residual solvent analysis capabilities.
  • We develop the analytical methods and also perform its validation if required by our valued customers.